About Us

LuxusDecor is a world class manufacturer of stucco internal, external, baseboards and 3D panels. We operate since 2009, when our assortment were only the outer moldings around the windows. As a rapidly growing company is still expanding its offer to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

In the modern designs of houses we are increasingly faced with the revival of decorative elements reminiscent of classic manor-house style. A wide range of products that we have allows you to remarkable and consistent with modern trends finish of residential and office buildings. Because we are a manufacturer, we offer the lowest prices on the market and the possibility of any item that goes beyond our product range, based on the photo, drawing or sketch.

Plaster is used primarily as an elegant decorative element, but also has a practical application - enables optical resizing building or room and conceals imperfections, whose removal often requires high expenditure of time and money.

Our company is managed by experienced professionals who are ready to provide expert advice on the use, installation and selection of the size of the selected items.

We invite you to see and try out our products while having hope that our offer will meet your expectations.