Our realisations

Residence In Wrocław

Arranging a flat, office or other interiors very oftenwe afraid of using colours and we stick to set patterns. Usually we decide towhite or brown door frames, door and MDF baseboards. Isn’t it worth goingagainst the flow sometimes?  The bestproof that the colourful MDF mouldings look fantastic and amazing is aresidence in Wrocław on the Stawowa street. The interior designers use in thisrealisation the blue mouldings so that the hall took an elegance and uniquenesson. With pleasure we present our interior stucco, which is the part of thisgreat project.

Kantor Museum

Cracow is one of the most beautiful city in Poland. Thehistoric architecture, gorgeous Main Square and unique Wawel Hall  attract milions of tourists each year. Thenext tourist hotspot is Vistula Boulevards. Wandering along Vistula we can seea mysterious object: a historic  buildingand the metal construction over it. It’s Centre for the Documentation of theArt of Tadeusz Kantor. On this beautiful and renovated building you can see our                   exterior stucco.

Before revitalisation

After revitalisation

The Dubois Residence

In the centre of beautiful Wrocław betwwe historic tenements is the gorgeous Dubois Residence. Going into it we can feel as if we were in luxury apartment complex in New York. The hall's arrangement delights each person. We are proud that our MDF mouldings and interior cornices are mounted in such unique and amazing building. With great pleasure we present you photos of Dubois Residence.