Our offer is extended since 2009, when in Krakow on street Confederate 4 established our first office. The beginnings were modest, because then we could boast of only several patterns slatted exterior stucco department. After widening the offer with a greater number of elements, we have decided to try to enter the inner stucco, which was successful.


All elements of the department stucco exterior are made of high EPS200 styrofoam and covered with a specialized adhesive containing resin and secured with fiberglass mesh, so that their quality does not deteriorate during installation or operation.

Our offer stucco exterior includes: strip: window moldings , balanced and skirting, cornices: indirect, under the roof, windowbags, balcony, rustication, strips for rustication, belts facie, pilasters: cores, capitals, bases, brackets, keystones, architraves, bases, cores and heads of columns, pedestals, wheel arches, corbels: horizontal, large, small.







When production of the department of internal stucco use the highest quality extruded polystyrene, commonly known as XPS and XPS. It is characterized by non-flammability, high resistance to moisture, incredible hardness and smoothness perfect and suitable at once for quick and easy installation with glue. It is an ideal replacement for stucco plaster, saving time and money. Styrodur material XPS is also 100% organic.

In the department of internal stucco are all kinds of cornices, moldings: window, symmetrical, brackets, pilasters, corbels and ceiling panels.






MDF Mouldings

In 2013, inspired by the classic American interior finishing introduced to its portfolio in MDF skirting. It is a high quality material with high density, used as a substitute timber.

MDF moldings perfectly blend with any interior, giving it an original character and making the room takes on the taste and elegance. They can be the finish, not only at the floor but also around the door, making it seem appropriate expression.






3D Panels

At the beginning of this year also introduced to offer two catalogs of 3D panels, which are produced in specialized blend of gypsum. Currently, we have dozens of different patterns panels. Our collection is a set of fancy, decorative wall elements whose shape and appearance can enthrall even the most demanding customers. The innovative design allows revive and give dynamism against everything modern, minimalist interior.