Our interior and exterior realisations

Hotel Three Islands in Świnoujście

Hotel & Spa Three Islands is luxury hotel based at the polish shore. This hotel delight the guests not only by perfect localisation but also by stylish and unique interiors. In rooms you can see our crown mouldings and curtain rod cornices. The unique and original decorative element in room are our  trims mounted over bed.

Pension Roztocze

Roztocze is the most beautiful region of Poland. Virgin forests, natural meadows, clean air and very clean rivers attract each year hundreds of tourists.  In this gorgeous and amazing scenario is fantastic weeding hall in Roztocze Pension. The weeding is one of the most important moment in our life, each couple dream about perfect ceremony and royal party. In this splendid hall newlyweds will feel like Prince William and Duchess Kate.  We present you the hall graced with our stucco with great pleasure.